Updated Aug 2023

Wo's Chinese Restaurant

Phone:(604) 323-8093

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Side Orders and Drink

Side Orders and Drink

Name Description Price
Sweet & Sour, Black Bean, Curry, Honey Garlic Sauce 3.50
Soft Drink ( can ) 2.75
Corona (330ml, e.6%) 5.00
Beer (Kokanee 341ml, 5% Sleeman 341ml, 5.2% / M.G.D. 355ml, 4.7%/ Tsing Tao 330ml, 4.5%) 4.50
Steamed Rice -- $3.95 (small) $7.50 (large)
白飯一碗 $2.95, 白飯一桶 $7.95 * Steamed Rice one Bowl $2.95, one Barrel $7.95
Please advise if food allergies.
Prices (CAD) subject to change without notice.
Photos are for reference only. Actual order may vary.
It may take 10-15 minutes to have the food properly cooked and completed. Thanks for good understanding.
** Catering or Tourist Group-meal is available. Please consult with restaurant staff.
Tax is not included.