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牛肉類 Beef

牛肉類 Beef

Name Description Price
42. 涼瓜炒牛肉 Beef and Bitter Melon with Black Bean Sauce 20.50
43. 中式牛柳 Tender Beef with Our Secret Sauce 20.50
44. 牛肉百加利 Beef with Broccoli 20.50
45. 蠔油牛肉 Beef & Mushroom in Oyster Sauce 20.50
46. 羅定牛肉 Beef with Green Pepper & Black Bean Sauce 20.50
47. 牛肉芥蘭 Beef with Gai Lan 20.50
48. 沙爹牛肉 Beef & Vegetable With Satay Sauce 20.50
49. 時菜牛肉 Beef with Pak Choy 20.50
50. 麻婆豆腐 Spicy Minced Beef with Tofu 20.50
51. 豉汁四季豆牛肉 Green Bean with Beef in Black Bean Sauce 20.50
52. 雪豆牛肉 Snow Peas with Beef 20.50
53. 干扁牛柳絲 Ginger Fried Beef 20.50
54. 黑椒牛肉 Beef with Black Pepper Sauce 20.50
55. 宮保牛肉 Szechuan Beef with Vegetable & Peanuts 20.50
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