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Wo's Chinese Restaurant, Vancouver BC offers a range of menu choices to suit your individual needs. Please contact here for more details..

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粥類 Congee

粥類 Congee

Name Description Price
110. 北菇雞粥 Chinese Mushroom & Chicken Congee 8.50
111. 生滾牛肉粥 Sliced Beef Congee 8.50
112. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 Preserved Egg & Salted Pork Congee 8.50
113. 碎牛肉粥 Minced Beef Congee 8.50
114. 什菜粥 Mix Vegetable Congee 8.50
115. 海鮮粥 Seafood Congee 9.25
116. 皮蛋芫茜魚片粥Preserved Egg & Fish with Chinese Parsley Congee 9.25
117. 白粥 Plain Congee 5.75

* Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
* Please advise if you have any food allergies
* Tax is NOT included.