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厨師精選 Chef'sSpecial

厨師精選 Chef's Special

Name Description Price
S1. 豉油王大虎蝦 House Special Tiger Prawns 20.50
S2. 椒鹽中蝦 Deep Fried Prawns with Salt & Hot Pepper 18.50
S3. 脆皮炸子雞 Deep Fried Chicken Half 15.50 * Whole 30.00
S4. 川椒雞 Pepper Corn Chicken 15.95
S5. 滿州牛 Beef with Tandori Masala Sauce 16.95
s6. 孜然牛 Stir fried Beef or with Cumin Seed 16.95
S7. 辣子雞 Chilli Chicken 16.95
S8. 大千雞 Da Chin Chicken 16.95
s9. 招牌羊肉煲 House Special Lamb with Lettuce Hot Pot 17.50
S10. 咖喱牛腩 Curry Beef Brisket with Vegetable 17.50
S11. 碧綠炒龍鳳 Snow Peas with Prawns & Chicken 15.95
S12. 椒鹽魚柳 Deep Fried Cod Fillet with Hot Pepper & Salt 15.95
S13. 金沙豆腐 Crispy Tofu 9.95
S14. 腰果蝦仁 Sauteed Prawns with Vegetable & Cashew Nuts 16.95
S15. 茶香燻雞 Tea Roasted Chicken Half 16.95 * Whole 32.95

* Prices Subject to Change Without Notice
* Please advise if you have any food allergies
* Tax is NOT included.